Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Where are the Listings?

Our commercial real estate sector in Connecticut is short of listings!  On the sites we monitor, and in the meetings we attend, new listings are thin on the ground these days, all over the state.  Some of it is time of year--people are thinking about vacations, not real estate.  However, there are companies and investors out there looking, and there's not much new to show them.  Many of our leads these days come in from online sources, and there it's the most recent that attracts the attention.  When nothing changes in the inventory, we get fewer leads. 

What's the takeaway here?  If you've got something you have been thinking about selling, now is your chance to get the greatest response.  If you are offering something new, you'll be in very select company, and those looking will respond.  So ignore the weather, and the season, and list now.

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