Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Lots of Hits

For all that Connecticut is being labeled as the place to leave for doing business, we are getting lots of inquiries about our listings.  In fact, "commercial real estate" is the number one thing that people Googling Pearce type into their search line.  We also get as many Ready Chat leads (those who talk to the little person who appears on the screen when you get to our site) for commercial real estate as we do for residential.  Since that doesn't correspond to what the general impression of the state of the commercial market is, I thought it was worth passing along.

People looking at properties on LoopNet are also a big source of leads for our commercial agents.  Those who search through LoopNet can be either local or not.  While calling or emailing about a property is obviously not the same as buying it or leasing it, and not all leads result in sales or leases, it's a promising start.

So feel free to join the crowd, and look for us at www.hpearcecommercial.com

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