Monday, July 20, 2015

Hartford Being Sold to Out of Town Investors?

Big Hartford office buildings are now such a good deal, per square foot, that they are attracting buyers from out of state, many of whom may have been priced out, or have priced themselves out, of the NYC market.  Since most real estate markets are cyclical, and since office space can obviously be leased for less if it is bought for less, it seems reasonable to think that these investors will realize gains in the medium and long run. 

Will other markets in Connecticut follow?  It also seems sensible to think that, the closer to NYC something is, the more it will eventually be worth.  There is a clear correlation with housing prices, based solely on distance from Manhattan, and it likely holds true for commercial buildings as well.  So will New Haven also see a boom in out-of -town buyers?  That seems already to be happening, and will probably continue.

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