Monday, October 7, 2013

Greater New Haven is 19th Best Metro Region

Data Haven, along with other partners, has just published the results of a comprehensive study ranking Greater New Haven against 130 communities on categories such as People, Economic Opportunity, Health Needs, and Civic Life.  Greater New Haven ranked 19th out of the 130 in the survey, with region-wide graduation rates, health assessments, and happiness with quality of life at high levels.  Our population is aging, and the average age is high.  We are as diverse as the United States as a whole.  Those who commute from the suburbs into the center city earn better wages than those who live in the center city.

Some of these indicators are probably true in many places.  Others represent issues on which we have been working for decades.  In total, they are a rousing endorsement for the region, and reason for companies to locate or expand here, now and in the future.

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