Monday, October 10, 2011

Investment Real Estate in Greater New Haven

To make money in New Haven real estate, a person needs to know that it is, at heart, a university town.  The growth is in education and health care (the latter being here in some large part because of Yale's medical school), as well as biotech (ditto the sentence above). We are disproportionately employed in the arts, again in part because of schools, and also because our highly educated workforce values the arts greatly in evaluating quality of life issues.

These factors tend to produce a population in some parts of the region that can be quite transient - students, graduate students, residents, artists, and "hired gun" executives.  At the other end of the spectrum, we have a very poor inner city area, with high rates of unemployment. Those two groups combine to produce a high need for rental properties at every price point, and contribute to New Haven having the lowest apartment vacancy rate in the country (about 1 and ½ percent).

If you've read the two preceding paragraphs, you're probably already in the market for residential investment property.  Join the club!  We have a great demand for those types of listings, and are always on the lookout for more.  New Haven now has rentals that exceed $5,000 per month for an apartment, as well as Section 8 housing (in one instance, in the same building).  Investors have a choice, therefore, about the segment of the market where they feel most comfortable.  There is also a shortage of houses for rent, and we are starting to see activity in that sector as well as the strong demand for multifamily homes that has existed, particularly near the colleges and universities.

Of course, where there are students there is also a need for restaurants, bars, retail, and health facilities, so investment property does exist in other sectors as well.  Greater New Haven is considered to be significantly "under-retailed", and 06511 is reported to be one of the nation's hottest mail-order zip codes, the theory being that the people in that part of New Haven have high incomes and not enough retail outlets to satisfy their consumption preferences.

So, whether you'd like to be a landlord, a franchisee, or simply a holder of a potentially valuable future income stream, we can find what you'd like in Greater New Haven, at any time that you think that you've had enough of entrusting your wealth to the increasingly volatile stock market.

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