Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Racing for Daylight

This is the time of year where you need to make a drop dead decision ASAP, if you plan to close this year.  Although there are only four weeks left as of this writing, it's amazing how much faster something can happen if everyone gets on board to do so early.  Bankers, for instance, often have bonus plans that would give them that extra boost to push a transaction over the finish line.  Realtors certainly do. Owners, of course, have tax consequences that would favor closing in one year over another.

If you think it's too late, it's still worth checking.  People travel less before the holidays, at least for business, so those who are around may be more reachable and available.  It's just true that, when you put a rush on any order, everyone moves it to the top of the list.  So don't despair if you have left a sale for too late--just act quickly!

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