Monday, December 19, 2016

Central Location

We have seen a surge in the popularity of old industrial buildings this year.  Some of them are being used for residential repurposing, but many are put to use as warehouses.  Despite the complaints about our highways, Connecticut is located in a region where most places are accessible easily by truck, and rail goes through the state in more than one direction.  While we have become positioned as an unattractive place to do business, storing and shipping from here seems to be the exception.  Fewer jobs, especially fewer high-end jobs, are created with warehouses, but there is also less risk for the buyers or tenants.  In addition, some of those old industrial facilities have environmental problems, which are less of an issue when they are being used as warehouses, as opposed to living spaces.

Will our resurgence on the warehouse front lead to other development, or further investment in Connecticut?  It's too soon to tell, but it's good  news for those who have owned--and often sat on--those buildings for years now.  We're happy to advise you, if you are such an owner.

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