Monday, August 29, 2016

Any Plans to Buy or Sell in this Tax Year?

It may seem ridiculous for me to be posting on a hazy, hot, and humid August morning that time is running out for real estate sales this year.  However, much of commercial real estate is driven by tax concerns, and taxes play an important role all the time, even when the reasons for activity relate to other concerns.  Therefore, it's wise to consider that it takes a long time to close most properties that need environmental testing or financing, so now would be the time to get moving, if you intend to accomplish anything by the end of 2016.  In the real estate field, we try not to count on much getting done after mid-November.  Since that is about ten weeks away, I'm not being overly cautious to say that Labor Day should be your signal to ramp up your search or your sale.  Even leases can be affected by the calendar year for taxpayers, if you are interested in deducting costs of fit-up or commissions.

So time's awasting--get moving!

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