Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Finding What's Not There

Usually, when you are looking for something to purchase, you expect to choose from among the options available, either at a retail outlet, or on line.  Real estate has become very different these days.  There is often a disconnect between what sellers are offering, and what buyers want to buy.  And that's where the agents come in.

In the olden days, we sat down with people, and showed them a physical book of properties available, or took them in our cars to see what was listed.  Now, we've become experts in finding what is not on the market.  We frequently scour an area, or brainstorm together at an office meeting, to try and locate what a buyer or renter is hoping to find.  It's not uncommon for us to chase down leads, or contact out-of-town owners upon seeing a half-empty parking lot or signs of disuse, in order to present more choices to clients. 

That's where the distinct advantage of a local company comes in.  We are big enough to network all over the world, to promote listings on line, and to have the technology necessary to accomplish transactions.  However, because we know Connecticut, and have our whole team of local experts, we can search with purpose, having a good idea of where things not on the market currently may be located, or carved out of a larger property.  In one recent search, only a couple out of almost 20 properties were being marketed for sale or lease.  The others came through networking with owners, agents, State and town officials, and each other.

That's the future of real estate brokerage--agents as consultants--and we are in the vanguard.  We advise people who have found buildings and land, people who are looking, and people who haven't looked.  We seek out alternatives, identify and sometimes eliminate obstacles, and smooth the way with regulations.  It's the best way for us to work--as partners with our clients--and the best way to access our services.  Sometimes change really is good for everybody!

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