Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Happy New Year!

I've blogged in our residential blog about reasons that we are optimistic for 2016.  There are a few commercial additions to that list. First of all, we had a great 2015 in Commercial. Properties that, in some cases, had been waiting to close for years finally did.  Investors are still definitely in the market, and some of them are coming from elsewhere, since our prices here are so low. Also, the glut of rental units coming onto the market causes demand in the commercial and retail sectors.

These trends are likely to continue next year. In addition, success begets success. As word spreads about prospering investors, others will follow. And the State's late, but seemingly heartfelt, belief that they need to start being nice to the businesses that call Connecticut home should really start to pay off in the intermediate future. Who knows?  We could become the new South Carolina, or Tennessee.  It should be our turn by now!

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