Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Sometimes You Need a Real Estate Consultant

One of the mysteries about real estate brokerage to non-professionals is the way our business gets done.  Since we work mostly on commission, there seems to be no way around taking advantage of our services without paying us, in certain situations.  Don't worry, though--you can use us another way.  We can be hired, by the hour, to evaluate and price proposals for renewals and expansions, non-arms'-length transactions, and other deals out of the ordinary. Tenants who have options to extend or expand sometimes are inclined to do so, but would like to know what the current market conditions are for their type of space.  That's a perfect job for a real estate consultant, and it's much more upfront than calling us in, pretending to be moving, looking at several other spaces, and then disappearing.  We're OK with helping you to stay where you are, as long as we get paid for the expertise we provide, which, by the way, is usually worth quite a lot after concessions and work letters are factored into the equation.  So think about that, and call us with your questions.

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