Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Market Volatility

When the stock market is at its most volatile, people become concerned--sometimes obsessed--with the value of their portfolios.  Some check the numbers every day, and talk about changing allocations.  Yet shouldn't those same people look at the value of their real estate holdings?  While they don't jump up and down in price in the same way, sometimes we don't check the values until we are thinking about selling.  Assessing real estate value should be a part of any portfolio analysis.

When financial instruments change in value, the percentage of your holdings in real estate can change at the same time, either up or down.  Many people think about buying more real estate when they feel less confident in the markets for other types of investments, but sometimes just the passage of time will move the needle on those percentages.  Could it be time for you to call your agent, and see what your properties are worth today?

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