Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Are Snow Days Different with the Internet?

We read all the time about how many people begin their searches for properties online.  In fact, we know that the vast majority do so.  This is in marked contrast to the way things were not so many years ago.  Then, people drove around, called in on signs, and looked at properties with their agent first.

Snow then was a big deal, at least snow on today's level.  When driving was a problem, or prohibited, no real estate got seen.  I even taught my kids, who, like all children, loved snow days, to understand that the sound of a ringing phone in a storm was the sound of clients cancelling their real estate appointments!

 Today's pattern could be very different.  We know, for instance, that hits to our website have risen dramatically since the holidays.  This is despite snow and bitter cold.  After all, it's always the same temperature at your computer.  On days like today, busy professionals have a chance to go back to their To Do lists, and start working on those projects that get bumped every day by urgent business issues.  How many of them are searching for needed or desired properties?  Let's hope that many of them are!

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