Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Unemployment Insurance in CT

I am really starting to feel like a right-wing conservative.  Today's rant is about the rates for unemployment insurance in CT, which are the highest in the country. For every $100 a Connecticut employer pays in wages, it pays $2.30 to the State against unemployment claims.  One other state is at 2.1%; California, famous for the outer reaches of costs, is third at 1.8%.  The average is .60 per $100, or about a quarter of what we pay here.  And we wonder why jobs go elsewhere?

In another unfortunate move this week, the city of Stamford added an extra tax on real estate sales over $1 million. That may not be so bad in another part of the State or country, but a million-dollar base picks up a fair number of houses there.  What will that do to future home sales?

Connecticut, stop taking us for granted!  Many people have a choice of whether or not to move here, or buy property here.  Indications are that many are choosing not to invest, and our average home prices have just gone down for the eighth month in a row.  Compare that to everywhere else, and you will see why business owners worry.

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