Thursday, September 4, 2014

Time to Pull the Trigger

One thing that people have been saying about commercial real estate for ages now is that "buyers and renters are looking, but no one is pulling the trigger".  Some of that is because of real and unfounded fears about the economy, some around here is about Connecticut as a place to do business, and some is just the normal foot dragging, exacerbated by the sense that whatever space they might be considering will still be available when they get around to making a decision.

Because this has persisted, there now is a shortage of certain kinds of space and buildings.  So it actually may not be true that it will still be there when a buyer finally decides.  Also, as we all know, there is quite a lag time between signing the contract and closing, and often as well between closing and occupancy (or optimal efficiency).  Therefore, if you have plans for 2015, and they involve increased production, increased distribution, increased employment, or increased sales, now is the time to be pulling the trigger.  It's closer than you think!

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