Friday, March 28, 2014

Our Newest Venture--Pearce Consulting Services

Pearce Commercial has expanded!  We've decided that there is a hole in the market, for a service lacking in today's complicated real estate world.  Much of the property being unused or underutilized in the commercial arena in our region belongs to corporations or municipalities, that aren't disposing of the property because of something that needs to be done, either in terms of zoning, rehabbing, or environmental cleanup.  Pearce has put together a group of experts that can guide that process from appraisal and evaluation through rezoning, marketing, and closing, and much, if not all, of the funds needed can come out of the proceeds at the closing.  In addition, many of these sites can then go back onto the tax rolls, and can employ workers and add to the grand list.  Some of our team are Pearce agents, allowing owners to pay for services through the commissions generated.

We have assembled construction, brownfield, wastewater, appraisal, financing, permitting, and marketing experts, who can provide one-stop shopping for all of those specialties, with one call to us.  Also, we can tailor the team each time, to offer the services needed to reclaim the property.  We know that it must be a good idea, because, after we formed our group, we noticed that another such firm was assembled in another part of Connecticut.  It's clearly an idea whose time has come, especially in an era when firms and cities and towns lack the resources to keep specialized experts on staff. Call us for details!

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