Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Post Storm Sandy

I am sitting in my empty office typing in comfort, as there isn't much else to do today.  Everything has been cancelled, including a few things that I was looking forward to, but it's no big deal.  I am very fortunate to have had no damage, and good friends with whom to stay while the storm raged outside.  We were in a mandatory evacuation zone, and the dog and I obeyed.  My husband refused to leave, so he's still there--stuck by high tides and flooded roads, without power or water, but otherwise fine.  I think I'm staying put in the city until the power comes back.

I went running early both mornings, and yesterday was a normal run.  Sandy really hadn't started yet.  Today there were lots of trees down in New Haven, and branches in places over the road, but the police had been out putting up tape and clearing in some places already, and many streets were passable.  It helped that there was no traffic, and few people who had to go to work.

The shoreline is a different story, judging by the pictures and the reports from my husband.  We were fortunate, because we are up so high (supposedly, we have the highest house on Long Island Sound in Connecticut).  It is really high--you can imagine Noah's Ark in our driveway--so we weren't worried about water, as was the problem for people with Irene, but wind.  My husband didn't clock any gusts that were higher than Irene, although I heard that there were 90 mph gusts in the next town over.  We had no damage, but our road, and the roads outside our neighborhood, all flood regularly, so I won't be getting home for awhile.  89% of Guilford is still without power, so I think that's not much of a deprivation.  My friends are very kind, and we're having lovely, homecooked meals complete with plenty of wine.  Compared to so many, lucky and I'm not complaining.

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