Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Lenders More Bullish on Commercial Real Estate

We have clearly seen recently that there is much stronger demand by users for real estate of all types. What's been holding people back, in many cases, is the feeling--or reality--that they cannot get financing.  That was driven in part by the huge amounts of capital tied up in notes of various types that came due in the last couple of years.  For whatever reason, or a combination of reasons, that seems to be changing.

Reports in all kinds of publications have been saying that lenders have a greater appetite for commercial real estate loans.  That would make sense, since we all think that the market, and the values, are improving. What that means is that prices will soon start to rise, as activity climbs and users look for product.

What does that mean for buyers?  Buy now, before supply dries up and prices increase.  What does that mean for sellers?  Good news.  Your properties just got a whole lot easier to sell!

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