Thursday, February 2, 2012

More Good News

We've been watching the numbers go steadily up on our various sites and feeder sites.  More viewers are logging on to our website from Trulia, from Google, and directly to our address.  The numbers week to week and month to month are going up in the 50% range for page viewings and leads.  So we've known for a while that people are looking at real estate again.

Now we have the first concrete evidence.  Our commercial originations in January--meaning contracts that we now expect to close in the near future--were 75% of what we originated ALL of last year.  One month, 75% of last year's total.  Now that's an increase! 

While it is obviously true that most of those transactions were begun months, and sometimes years, ago, that is true from year to year; there's always a long lag time.  And, for the past few years, the lag time has gotten longer, as people and banks and institutions dragged their collective feet.  However, the fact that we are pulling the trigger on originating them now means that much more is getting ready to close. 

More evidence that we are past the bottom--make your move now!

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