Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Puppet Theater Mania

Today's New Haven Register has a front-page article about our new listing of the Stony Creek Puppet House. It's an old property, beloved by many, that has produced different types of theater on and off over the years.  It needs a lot of loving care to be restored, but there are many people who hope that that will happen.

The attention that led to its being on the front page shows that there is still interest in real estate of various types, and the secret is in connecting the buyers and sellers of such property.  Obviously, we don't always get a spot on the front page of the paper to help us along, but the puppet theater is an investment property, and those have proven to be popular in any kind of market.

We've gotten calls already on the puppet theater from the sign, which means that local people are seeing it as something worth checking on.  Now that it's been more broadly advertised, we should receive even more calls.   If you have an investment property of any type, now is the time to expose it to the market.  There are buyers out there, looking for alternatives to stocks and bonds.

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